Copy of Big Fly II WF Sinking III #8

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The new Big Fly II line is a real bomb of a WF line. It is made for one goal only, and that is to make casting with big bulky flies as easy as possible - meaning a great line for predator fishing that requires big flies, Like Pike/Musky.

But the line is also very useful for throwing bulky flies in saltwater - like for Sea Bass

The head is made for loading quickly, which will get the big flies "flying" right from the first false cast.

The steep front taper also helps turning bigger flies easier.

The Big Fly II features our new "Power Zone", which is a section just behind the head. This part is always the part that breaks, due to the heavy beating it takes during double hauls. The "Power Zone" is a zone that is build to take that beating and prolonging the life of your line. The "Power Zone" is a bit heavier than the running line, and the resin a lot tuffer, creating a harder coating in the "Power Zone".

The intermediate Big Fly Compound line has a slow intermediate sinking head (almost a hoover....almost!!) and a floating runningline.

The lines are 2 colored. 

On the Sinking III model the head is Olive Green and the runningline is Fluo. Orange