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These floating runninglines are perfect to use with our shooting heads. They have strong and super slick coatings that runs smoothly through the guides, but still adds that little resistance, that ensures great control.

The line is two colored and changes color for every 5 meter. This is a great tool to have and can be used to your advantage when fishing

The Salmon fisherman will know exactly how much line he need out to reach a fish he has had contact with earlier. There is no guessing, you just find a fix point on the runningline, then you will have the fly crossing exactly over the lie when you return to the same fish.

For the seatrout saltwater fisherman, then this line will probably divide the fishermen in those who hate it and those who find it fun to know how far you cast. The ones that will hate the line is the ones, than “say/think” they cast 50 meters. With this “truth telling” running line most of them the will find out, that they don’t, and then we are sure the line will be blamed…….!!